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Play’N Around Theatre’s acting program is know for its creative CAST curriculum and teaching methods. Our proven teaching methods will engage the actor and develop the skills needed to pursue a professional acting career. Students will build their acting skills through highly engaging sessions in the study of monologues, commercials, and film scenes.

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Play’N Around Theatre’s ON-CAMERA classes are for kids and teens looking to take their acting skills to the next level. Play’N Around Theatre’s professional trained staff will work on sharpening your acting skills for film and television, by recording and reviewing your performance. You will receive constructive guidance from a casting perspective. This class also works on monologues, scene work, and character development. Loaded with fun on-camera exercises and improve technique, this class is sure to take your acting skills to the next level.

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Play’N Around Theatre’s professional voice over classes are designed to teach our students the specific techniques involved in performing commercial voice over and radio copy. Students will gain the basic in mic technique, acquire the tools required to understand point of view for commercial copy, and will learn how to master the techniques used by the leading voice over industry professionals.

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